October Wedding Colors

Getting married in October is a great idea because the weather is mild and balmy and the colors of nature look fantastic. This is in the middle of fall season and the things that automatically come to mind when you hear the word ‘fall’ or ‘autumn’ are changing of leaf colors, harvest, and Halloween. If you are thinking of a great color scheme for your wedding in October, here are some great tips and ideas.

October wedding colors are red, gold, orange, brown, and plum. Look outside and observe the great colors of the falling leaves. You can base your color scheme on this. Be as creative as you can.

For your centrepieces, you can choose orange or red flowers with gold accents or ribbons, or you choose a combination of red, orange, and gold for your centrepieces.

To create a rustic and nostalgic atmosphere, you can choose the brown color with gold. You can choose dried leaves, grasses, branches, and twigs for your decorations. Add gold accents to make it more sparkly and festive. To make it even more rustic, you can create a barn or a farm-like reception place, or better yet, you can have your reception at a real barn or farm.

Another great color is plum or eggplant color. You can use real grapes with vines. This can be a great centrepiece and you can even add bottles of grape wines that can double as souvenirs of wedding favors for your guests.

Orange is the color of Halloween. You can use this color to create a festive Halloween mood in your wedding. Compared to black, orange is more fun and festive. You can carve out pumpkins into flowers and place candles or lights inside, a romantic twist to the traditional Halloween decoration—the jack-o-lantern.

Choosing colors for your October wedding is not difficult. Just look outside and check out Mother Nature’s burst of colors—a good inspiration for your wedding party’s color scheme.

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